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August 1, 2010 / Gio

First Breath

You are still my first breath every morning

The last thought before I go to sleep,

But a very different world without you

As needles sting my heart

With every note

Of every melody

Of every song I hear.

Music sounds different

When you are alone in the world,

When love has set to sea

And the wind whispers goodbye.

A shattering turn of events,

Recollections of time well spent,

And every willow weeps for me.

I am still with you

Each day when the sun rises,

As birds fill the morning air with songs of joy

And the birth of life’s love begins its mission.

With each toll of the hour bell

Each tick of the body clock,

Every step and every breath

All the things you do

And all the things you are

I am there,

By your side, inside you, with you

Every meal, every table

I sit with you and laugh with you and dance with you

And I still hold your hand

As I look in your eyes

And see your soul unwrapped

The naked truth of a woman in love.

With love’s gold in her palms

Destiny’s discovery, the order of fate.

And her disbelief that she has landed

On the shores of true love

At dusk when my heart sets into yours

And life finds comfort in our love nest

We welcome the purest happiness.

The reason for living and loving and being…

Together we fold night skies over and around us,

Dreaming of a magical world created by our love.

And looking forward

To what could have been

To all the joys of new sunrises

And new bird songs,

And the scent of fresh flowers

From days born anew

And all the promises that tomorrow brings us.

I am because of you, and you are from me,

And together in love we are us,

Swimming in nocturnal bliss,

Content and comforted and forever engaged in

This miracle that was gifted

To a couple so in love.


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