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August 6, 2010 / Gio

Naked and Exposed

This was an experiment in writing a love poem from a woman’s perspective.    


Love’s burning question, reveals itself in you.    

Like a candle that flickers in the night,    

my flesh quivers when i ride the wave of your hips.    

I float out to sea, your mysterious ocean;    

how sweet you are.

image by Christopher John Ball

Naked and exposed    

you warm my inner thighs    

and cool me like an ocean breeze.    

You drink my hair    

and take my body like a whole berry;    

sweet juice of love.    

When i feel you inside me    

my legs tremble with pleasure    

and higher joy.    

Your soft caresses  

reveal the warm contentment    

of a tender boy,    

and your heavenly strokes    

fill me with blessed ecstasy.    

Naked and exposed    

you are truer than the bluest sky    

and brighter than a wild firefly.    

I find joy in the scent of your skin    

and the stregth of your presence.    

At night’s end, o love…    

your chest is my pillow, as I listen    

to the beat of incessant love.    

Even when you are still    

your love devours me,    

carries me like a huge wave    

towards shores of comfort.    

Naked and exposed, we dream.    

We dream of climbing mountains    

of riding rivers    

of combing valley floors    

and of making love    

to the music of sandstorms,    

as we fill our souls with the air of adventure,    

a world made glorious with you…    

naked and exposed.


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  1. Gio / Aug 7 2010 11:26 pm

    Thanks for the comments…at least i have one fan!

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