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August 14, 2010 / Gio

After Burst

Afro-Cuban curls, 

Image by Robert Baham


milk chocolate skin 

sexy-smart Kenneth Cole suit 

on the floor 


Honey-lipped truffle 

pleasure-inducing amuse 

anxious taste buds. 

Exotic little spitfire 

erotic-fitted body 

nocturnal impression 

on my soul. 

A tender morsel, a yelper 

swallow your fingers 

moan into your palm. 

Build a nest 

on your belly 

your ripe skin. 

Swim in love’s nectar 

a flower-scent 

travel around your lips, your lips 

soft discoveries, wet dreams. 

Puppy kitty head tilt 

resonating retinas 

penetrating inky eyes. 

climbing, oozing, snaking 

shed a new angle 

sniffle, rub and purr 

your head sinks lower 

singing lower, nicely 

Chatty Catty 

your stories have melodies 

simmering and talking 

talking Catty talk 

sizzle Catty, talk 

occasional laughter burst, after burst.


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