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August 14, 2010 / Gio

This Is What I Feel

In the caverns of our hearts 

we are forever united. 

In the tender morsels of cupid’s little red targets,

summers’ heated caress; 

on the edge of sunlight,

on the edge of the world, 

when the world stands still. 

When each day rains the sweet bouquet of your skin 

and I see you flying… 

I feel it. 

I feel it when 

barefoot, you walk through my mind,

your legs massaged by the wind, 

your smile calming thunder, 

your eyes hunting for my lips. 

You wait for my sensual gesture 

and my loving words 

simmered in honey, 

basted with everything we feel. 

I feel it when… 

naked, you swim through my thoughts, 

a divine body of dripping, sweet nectar, 

a wet, pure, love-soaked woman 

stroking towards my shore; 

reaching and riding the last wave 

into my arms, 

into my life, 

into me, inside me, inside my world, 

wrapped around me like an ocean of wild cherries… 

this is what I feel. 

On the canvas of Love, 

this portrait of life, 

heaven has gifted 

a rainbow palette, 

a watercolor wonder, 

a landscape of hidden treasures 

and a body of evidence. 

Our love is real, 

potent like a serpent’s venom, 

ripe with everything delicious. 

I want to die when I look at you, 

eternity is lying next to you, 

everlasting life is your embrace. 

With you, the world is mine, 

there is nothing else I need 

and nothing I cannot have. 

I can do anything when graced by 

your presence, your energy, 

your angels’ breath, your fire, 

your glowing radiance, 

your all-engulfing spiritual essence. 

When you place your mouth on my heart, 

those soft lips, loving lips, 

the blood of life races through me 

with more love for you, 

reminding me just how much 

I am feeling it.




Potluck Poetry


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  1. Jingle / Oct 24 2010 11:07 pm

    heartfelt words.
    Cheers to love.

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