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August 19, 2010 / Gio

The Man

Written during my High School years


Basket goes ’round

knees for the man

prayers by the pound

don’t understand.

Preacher preacher

tell me more

show me the cross, tell me the law.

Read me my rights, play with my sights, I got both feet out the door.

Don’t wanna hear ’bout this love, through all the smoke, can’t see above,

 preacher man, I don’t see The Man too clear.

I see the lights, I’ve read the book,

never counted the money you took.

Sister Sarah, pour me a glass of wine.

Always more words behind the word.

It all comes down to faith, so you’ve heard.

Those robes, that fashion,

the penance, the passion.

I wish The Man would come to earth.

Oh! He’s in the bread.

Oh! He’s in the wine.

Oh! He’s in the candle.

So he’s burning like the time.

Build a temple, ring the bell

spread the word this man sells.

The candle is burning, the law is dead

the wheel is turning, get off my head.


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