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September 30, 2010 / Gio

Dive Deeper


my heart feels contaminated, emaciated
embossed, stamped, imprinted
like initials in cement
the permanent damage
from years of pounding
a happy heart
and bruising a soul

my less traveled road, carved and cut
winding and blinding
snaking its way
through swollen earth
my path leaves a sparkling trail
yet marks me
with wonderful war wounds
incendiary bumbo jumbo

life rains mistakes
and thunderous resolutions
virus-infused storms
followed by
antibiotics and embraces
panacea love potion

I know me
I know better
I know me better
my strength allows me to
climb higher, walk further, dive deeper
into myself, into the horizon
exposing myself
exposing sunshine

through pain, palpitations and pressure
through a smog of regrets
blanketed by a bittersweet symphony
my mind recognizes a prince
acknowledges a wounded warrior
respects a man of fortitude
righteous to the core
with a dancing spirit
with arms wide open
giving thanks to the world


© Giovanni Cucullo


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  1. Rene Foran / Oct 17 2010 6:23 pm

    how beautiful
    know yourself greater than anyone else

  2. Jingle / Oct 8 2010 2:27 pm

    uplifting piece,.
    lovely job!

  3. 700miles / Sep 30 2010 9:53 am

    write on Gio! you definitely have a way with words. each verse a poem in itself. i suspect that your art with food is equally as good as your art of words. take care….

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