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March 1, 2011 / Gio

Digital Dance

Digital self-portraits
Tell stories
Somewhere else
Somewhere close
Like the rhythm of Miami
Or Vermont B&B’s
Or the watercolor sea


It will get you…life’s rhythm
From conga lines to subway stories
And that madman on the bus
Talking ’bout a stagecoach full of gypsies
On their way to eternal damnation
Or how superfreaks dance
And trick their way to stardom
While bishops eat priest stranglers with
Rabbit Ragu


Amidst the insanity and organized chaos
The well is dry and my voice
Is muted just before sunrise
Googling bands with numbers in their names
Surfing 3000 channels and nothing is on
Like Imelda Marcos window shopping
at Jimmy koo koo ka-Choo
Tweetering on the brink of nothingness
Whatever happened to Mrs. Robinson?
Or the peppermint twins?


But meanwhile…
Back at the trattoria
My life-search produces results
In the stride of a stallion
In the joy in a siesta
In the scent of baked bread
Or the beauty in raw wilderness
With every brush stroke
With every pencil sketch
With every if, and or but
And correctly placed quotation
Life finds us…she embraces us, captures us


Every shadow in Rodin’s thinker
Every curve in the Mississippi
Or curve in my dangling part…iciple
Finds its way
And flows
And dances
Into sunshine


© Giovanni Cucullo 2011


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  1. Carl / Mar 2 2011 2:13 am

    This is wonderful work!

  2. Rene Foran / Mar 1 2011 7:53 pm

    Gio, this was written and read is if it were on rails…beautiful
    would be nice to be voiced over film

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