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December 12, 2014 / Gio

A Love Supreme

Love ferments
in metered verse,
a crying candle,
an untouched aria;
hearts pirouetting like
a tempestuous sonnet
macerating in bubbling vats, hot
with carbon dioxide.

I have flown in sky poems,
shackled by a silk scarf –
cloud puffs…frothy delights, whisked
into cappuccino romance – where suddenly
uttering…singing the blues, disrupted
like a feeding lion,
cupid’s dance of delirium, cascaded
down like snow.

I have seen the ocean split
by smirking leviathans, resting
my finger on the moon’s dimple,
and the caress of waves, embracing currents;
I know sunrise…we’ve met, and dusk,
sinking to the ocean floor
like an anchor, leaning bittersweet,
and sometimes I have done
what other men wish they had.

I have heard my words tap dance
in the mouths of others and
I have dreamed and dabbled, phosphorescent love,
the heated canopy of eternal fire,
then kisses, scorched, and resting
on gestures, rising,
through rose-colored fog, remembered
like coffee foam.

I who trembled at the sight, shrunken
like a yellow cowboy, barely
she came to me scented
with sunlight, powdered with ghostly night potions
and star-crossed elixirs; I knew her
before we danced with laughing trees

I have walked many dark miles
to taste the final kiss of a spinning pixie.
I have searched, weeks at a time,
my heart frozen on a tattered sleeve;
always expecting a heated embrace, tremor of fate.

I have come to know
feline figurines, mirror-dancing
erotic, thunder-clap raindances.
I have been granted, gifted
with love supreme
and the foils of circumstance,
but always, armored and naked
self-assured by experience
and an optimistic heart.

© Giovanni Cucullo

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