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December 19, 2014 / Gio


I gaze at you

and find myself drowning

in your words, lips, eyes…

immersed in all that is you.

All your being sways in sweet harmony

with the soft rhythm

of ancient love songs.

Your world is enormous, ever-growing,


and sprinkled with fears,

and I long to walk beside you

carrying your crown.

I believe I know

what they call this

breathless, falling.

Since you came,

enchanted spirits dance at my door

and out of my heart

flows a river of anticipation.

Your lonely night screams to mine,

yet before it bursts

it twitches and itches and dances and quivers

until suddenly…

the night is made of fire.


For One Shoot Sunday

December 19, 2014 / Gio

Flor del Amor

Everything I see, every song I hear   

reminds me of you.   

I drift and sway and fly and swing   

dreaming of you   

enchanted by your beauty   

your strength   

always landing in your arms   

and always finding myself   

growing closer to you   

with each passing hour   

as your world becomes familiar   

and as I lose myself in your sensual jungle.   

My lips trace the path left by my tongue   

on your beautiful bronze skin   

your fiery flesh   

as your dark smoky eyes quietly devour me   

and transport me   

to exotic, dreamy places.   

Beneath this sexy, sultry woman   

and behind the striking ram   

I discover the child in you   

and I crumble in your gentle hands   

enraptured by the sweetness   

and everything you show me   

and everything you say   

everything you do blossoms like a flower of love.

December 19, 2014 / Gio

When We Were Most in Love

At the point that we were most in love

I could have parted an ocean for you

Danced on waves, clenching the setting sun

Gifting it to you with a glimmering kiss

At that point

I remember your solar smile

How it warmed the room, my life

Our laughter, our ease, our love-lit day

Captured incessant pearl-moments

Flying in time

That point when we were most in love

I decorated a table with delights

With carpaccio and flowers

Django and candles

And rosemary-studded lamb

As Bordeaux decanted vintage song

Just at that point

That point when we were most in love

You sat with me, just sat

Resting on my shoulder, in my heart

Our bodies married in sweet silence

Knowing, and still…the brilliant glow.

At that very point

We saw forever

Our sparkling world waited for us

As it inspired us

And we created new love daily

At that point

That point when we were most in love


© Giovanni Cucullo

December 19, 2014 / Gio

Teresa’s Song

Sunshine smiles and shares a story and gets excited
with life in her eyes and warmth in her heart
She touches me as her wings gently flutter
as i melt in her caress
as the world embraces us
always looking to her soul and swimming in the moment
She fell to me and I fell for her and falling
seems dreamy
a mysterious wonder
to unravel, to discover to unwrap
& understand
to have and to hold
this precious gift
this heavenly gem
Her Song blows through trees
swings over mountains
pushes ocean waves
and the ebb and the flow of her sweet melody
and haunting movements
is a mystical progression
and i sing along and praise her beauty and never miss a beat
of her gentle firesong

Written 12/16/2008

December 12, 2014 / Gio

A Love Supreme

Love ferments
in metered verse,
a crying candle,
an untouched aria;
hearts pirouetting like
a tempestuous sonnet
macerating in bubbling vats, hot
with carbon dioxide.

I have flown in sky poems,
shackled by a silk scarf –
cloud puffs…frothy delights, whisked
into cappuccino romance – where suddenly
uttering…singing the blues, disrupted
like a feeding lion,
cupid’s dance of delirium, cascaded
down like snow.

I have seen the ocean split
by smirking leviathans, resting
my finger on the moon’s dimple,
and the caress of waves, embracing currents;
I know sunrise…we’ve met, and dusk,
sinking to the ocean floor
like an anchor, leaning bittersweet,
and sometimes I have done
what other men wish they had.

I have heard my words tap dance
in the mouths of others and
I have dreamed and dabbled, phosphorescent love,
the heated canopy of eternal fire,
then kisses, scorched, and resting
on gestures, rising,
through rose-colored fog, remembered
like coffee foam.

I who trembled at the sight, shrunken
like a yellow cowboy, barely
she came to me scented
with sunlight, powdered with ghostly night potions
and star-crossed elixirs; I knew her
before we danced with laughing trees

I have walked many dark miles
to taste the final kiss of a spinning pixie.
I have searched, weeks at a time,
my heart frozen on a tattered sleeve;
always expecting a heated embrace, tremor of fate.

I have come to know
feline figurines, mirror-dancing
erotic, thunder-clap raindances.
I have been granted, gifted
with love supreme
and the foils of circumstance,
but always, armored and naked
self-assured by experience
and an optimistic heart.

© Giovanni Cucullo

November 1, 2014 / Gio

Pop’s Espresso Bar

Pop's Labels

7B Huguenot Street

New Rochelle, NY 10801

914 278 9533

March 7, 2011 / Gio

Diving Upward…


my heart feels contaminated, emaciated
embossed, stamped, imprinted
like initials in cement
the permanent damage
from years of pounding
a happy heart
and bruising a soul

my less traveled road, carved and cut
winding and blinding
snaking its way
through swollen earth
my path leaves a sparkling trail
yet marks me
with wonderful war wounds
incendiary bumbo jumbo

life rains mistakes
and thunderous resolutions
virus-infused storms
followed by
antibiotics and embraces
panacea love potion

I know me
I know better
I know me better
my strength allows me to
climb higher, walk further, dive deeper
into myself, into the horizon
exposing myself
exposing sunshine

through pain, palpitations and pressure
through a smog of regrets
blanketed by a bittersweet symphony
my mind recognizes a prince
acknowledges a wounded warrior
respects a man of fortitude
righteous to the core
with a dancing spirit
with arms wide open
giving thanks to the world


© Giovanni Cucullo


This will be my last post for a short while…I’ll be back in a flash!
Love you all!!