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December 19, 2014 / Gio

Flor del Amor

Everything I see, every song I hear   

reminds me of you.   

I drift and sway and fly and swing   

dreaming of you   

enchanted by your beauty   

your strength   

always landing in your arms   

and always finding myself   

growing closer to you   

with each passing hour   

as your world becomes familiar   

and as I lose myself in your sensual jungle.   

My lips trace the path left by my tongue   

on your beautiful bronze skin   

your fiery flesh   

as your dark smoky eyes quietly devour me   

and transport me   

to exotic, dreamy places.   

Beneath this sexy, sultry woman   

and behind the striking ram   

I discover the child in you   

and I crumble in your gentle hands   

enraptured by the sweetness   

and everything you show me   

and everything you say   

everything you do blossoms like a flower of love.

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